Life Enrichment Options (LEO) is a community based non-profit organization that advocates for and works to support individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their life vision and goals through supportive housing, recreation, employment advocacy, and community education.


We would like to show our solidarity with the Black community in their stand for civil rights, justice, and respect. The Black community has long stood in support of the community of people with disabilities, and LEO stands in solidarity with Black communities throughout Washington.

LEO is committed to redoubling our efforts to ensure our programming and leadership reflects and supports the Black community. We encourage everyone in our community to use your unique positions of power, privilege, and education to enact meaningful changes, and to self-reflect on our own biases. Bigotry and discrimination have no place in LEO.


Life Enrichment Options Organization

Registered Non-profit Corporation, UBI #601-199-914
Federal ID #91-1458330
Washington State Charities Program #9040

For verification of this registration, call the Washington State Charites Hotline at
1-800-332-GIVE or go online and visit the Washington Secretary of State’s Charities Website