Housing for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Life Enrichment Options (LEO) owns and maintains Adult Family Homes (AFH) located in Issaquah and the Snoqualmie Valley. We are actively committed to developing more homes at all times.  AFHs have their own unique classification.  This model was adapted from the AFHs that serve the aged population and are for Medicaid qualified individuals.  The goal is to provide a supportive, family style housing solution to transition adults with I/DD out of the parental home.

Note that Adult Family Homes are sometimes confused with “Shared Living Homes” or “Supported Living Homes”, or the generic term “Group Homes”.    Both the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and the Arc of King County are great resources for more information.

LEO Adult Family Homes are licensed and regulated by the State of Washington for up to 6 adults and a full time Care Provider (CP).  The Care Providers are vetted and chosen by LEO but are not employees. The homes are leased to the CPs from which they operate an independent business and hold the license to the home.  Each home generates revenue from Medicaid Personal Care and room and board.   From the gross revenue, the CPs pay all expenses of operating their business except certain costs that LEO retains as property owners.  LEO pays for some utilities, maintenance, some insurance and we hold the rent far below market rates to keep the business viable. While, to a large extent, the CPs are independent of LEO, they are subject to the lease limits and the LEO standards of care.  Our CPs are very much a valued part of the LEO community and are essential to our mission goals.

Because each home is owned with no debt service they are essentially self-sustaining.  AFHs are a great solution for serving our residents because they provide personal care, housing and social interaction literally under one roof. 

LEO remains committed to our “four cornered” mission of employment, recreation, education and housing.  We are proud of our progress and recognize there is much work still ahead.  Donors and volunteers are essential to our success. And with your support we see a bright future for the LEO mission.

See Adult Family Homes for more information about LEO residency in an AFH and about Care Providers.

See Housing Projects for information and pictures of completed housing projects and future projects.