Care Providers

An Asian woman poses for the camera, smiling. She has medium blonde highlights in her long dark hair, and she has bright pink lipstick, bold eyeliner and a delicate nose ring. She's wearing a sleeveless blouse with polka dots.

Chona Gascon

Rose Finnegan House

A woman with tawny brown skin and a navy blue hair turban. dark brown eyes smiles at the camera. She's wearing a red top and a

Claire Mmbone

Nancy Whitaker House

An Asian woman with golden skin and sparkling brown eyes smiles at the camera. Her dark hair is styled in a long layered bob. She is wearing a large, sparkling earrings and a white summery tank top.

Evelyn Galasso

Angela Dews House

Mary Njuguna

Ann Dennis House

Pam Stefansky

Mike Ernst House

LEO Staff

Molly Simpson

Program Director

Jin Lee

Business Operations

LEO Board of Directors

Mike Ernst


A loving mother and daughter smile and pose for a picture. They both have blonde hair that is cut short in pixie cuts, and they are wearing glasses with dark rectangular frames. The mother is wearing a black cardigan and earrings, while the daughter is wearing a white cardigan over a blue floral blouse. The daughter has Down syndrome.

Becky Kitz

Vice President

Kiwina Wijaya


Janet Rumer


Francis Cheung

Tech Advisor

Karl Pauly


Committe Member

Linda Lentgis

Events & Outreach

Jim Wright

Marketing &

Public Relations

Laura Maloney

Past President and current Executive Board Member

Jiff Searing

Past President and current Housing Committee Member

Young man with dark skin and wavy brown hair sitting on a comfortable blue chair. He is working remotely on his laptop. He has kicked off his shoes and is smiling while he works. An analog clock in the background indicates it is a little after 10. A thriving bird of paradise plant flourishes in the background.

Jonathan Clark

Advocacy / Housing & Development

Illustration of a young Black woman with natural textured hair in business casual attire, sitting at a desk with notebook and pen.

Angie Holmstrom

Community Outreach / Housing & Development

Jane Searing

Jane Searing

Board Advisor

Leo FInnegan

Leo Finnegan

Past President


Seeking a young professional to join our Board of Directors.


Seeking a local business leader to join our Board of Directors.

Angela Dews

LEO Founder

LEO Board Emeritus

Nancy Whitaker

LEO Board Emeritus

Rose Finnegan

LEO Founder