Adult Family Homes (AFH) for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The Adult Family Home (AFH) model is a home in a typical neighborhood where five or six individuals with disabilities can live as independently as possible in a family-like atmosphere with their live-in Care Provider.  Thanks to the many generous donations to LEO, five Adult Family Homes (AFH) now exist. Four are in Issaquah and one is in the Snoqualmie Valley. For more AFH information and pictures see Housing Projects.

The Care Provider in the Adult Family Home is an independent contractor with Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) through Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to provide Personal Care for each client (resident with disability). For more LEO Adult Family Home information see LEO Housing.

The Selection Process for Residency in a LEO Adult Family Home (AFH) 

The first step in the process of becoming an AFH resident is to download and complete the Application for Residency, which may be emailed or printed and mailed to our administrative team (Download Housing Application, Descargar la aplicación en español).

When a vacancy does arise, LEO provides the applications received to the Care Provider, who then handles the selection process – not LEO – to ensure that the Care Provider can meet the care needs of a resident and provide a stable environment for all residents.

The Care Provider may begin the process with a phone call or email, followed by meetings with the family and the potential resident. The Care Provider might encourage the current residents to meet and hang out with the potential resident to see if they can all get along and ensure harmony within the group.  Once selected, new residents are given the option to participate in community integration of their choice, as well as some employment or day program if possible.

To help you prepare for your child’s transition to independent living, you can download LEO’s “Guidelines for Educating Your Child Toward Independent Living.

Care Providers are Integral to the Smooth Operation of each Adult Family Home (AFH)

Each AFH is licensed by the Department of Social and Health Services and subject to oversight and inspections by Residential Care Services (RCS) representatives.  Once licensed, the Care Provider can then receive Medicaid reimbursement in the form of a daily rate based on the care assessment, determined by the DDA Case Manager, that is done for the resident every year.

LEO leases the home at a well-below-market price to the Care Provider. The monthly lease payments made by the Care Provider to LEO are used to pay some of the monthly utility bills and other related expenses.

LEO does not get involved in the delivery of care or services.  But LEO is responsible for long-term maintenance of the home including appliances.

To apply for consideration as a full time Care Provider of a LEO Adult Family Home, please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]