LEO Adult Family Homes

Post Updated : November 18, 2019.

The Life Enrichment Options (LEO) Organization currently has three operating Adult Family Homes (AFH) for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  See the pictures below.  Each home is run by a Care Provider who lives in the home and is licensed by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to care for residents with Developmental Disabilities.

Adult Family Homes (AFH) # 4  is in the final stages before occupancy.  For pictures of this home during construction, click HERE.  This AFH is in the Snoqualmie Valley, which includes North Bend and the City of Snoqualmie, and is located less than a mile from the historic downtown district of Snoqualmie.

LEO Houses #1, #2, and #3 were named after three women that devoted years to the LEO mission: Rose Finnegan, Ann Dennis and Angela Dews.  Keeping with this tradition, LEO Adult Family Home #4 in Snoqualmie was named the “Nancy Whitaker House”.  Nancy is a former 22-year member of the LEO Board of Directors and past President of the Board. She is an amazing person, who has donated her time and skills on many LEO committees and by volunteering at many LEO events.

Adult Family Homes (AFH) # 5  is in the beginning stages. The lot’s utility infrastructure is now being prepared. This new AFH is in the Issaquah Highlands a few blocks from the Swedish Medical Center and Hospital. Amazingly, this new LEO home for individuals with developmentally disabilities became a real possibility in June 2017, when the Issaquah City Council proposed and approved additional affordable housing on a new home development area called Westridge.  The revised plan for Westridge includes 38 “Affordable Housing” units and one detached Life Enrichment Options (LEO) House on a vacant site to be built by Polygon Northwest. This house will be built to the specifications for an Adult Family Home for LEO and at a greatly reduced price, but still expensive for a non-profit like LEO. The exact construction start date in 2020 has not yet been announced.

As you may know all LEO houses are built with private funds via donations. If you would like to help us fund the construction or furnishings for the new Adult Family Home, please Make a Donation.  At this time LEO is still far from reaching the large financial goal needed for this new home. Thank you for your support.

LEO Adult Family Home #5: Issaquah Highlands — (Estimated Opening, Fall 2020)

LEO Adult Family Home #4 : “The Nancy House” in Snoqualmie Valley – (Opening 2020)

LEO Adult Family Home #3 : “The Angela House” in Issaquah Highlands – (Opened 2012)

LEO Adult Family Home #2: “The Ann House” in Issaquah – (Opened 2006)

LEO Adult Family Home #1: “The Rose House” in Issaquah – (Opened 2003)