Post Updated: August 24, 2022

There are currently five LEO homes serving developmentally disabled residents, four in the Issaquah area and one in Snoqualmie.  Each home is run by a licensed Care Provider, who lives in the home to care for residents with developmental disabilities.  See Adult Family Homes for more information.

LEO houses are made possible by private funds via donations. Please help us continue to meet the needs of our community and donate today!

LEO Adult Family Home #5: Issaquah Highlands

The Mike Ernst House

Care Provider: Pam

(Opened 2022)

We are thrilled to share that after delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we broke ground on the Mike Ernst House in April 2021! We opened our doors to the disability community in Issaquah at our Open House on July 24, 2022 and we plan to start interviewing candidates for the house in Fall 2022. Thanks to all your support and donations, we expect to be able to open our doors to residents in early 2023
If you are looking for housing and would like to join the pool of candidates who may be future Mike House residents, click here to access our application.
See Photos taken during the construction of this home.


King 5 Evening

Building a more inclusive future

Community partners are helping adults with developmental disabilities find independence and inclusion. -May 4, 2022

425 Business

Life Enrichment Homes Bringing New Property to Issaquah Highlands

-May 13, 2022

Issaquah Highlands

LEO Mike Ernst House Open House

-July 24, 2022


LEO Adult Family Home #4 : Snoqualmie Valley

“The Nancy Whitaker House”

Care Provider : Claire

(Opened 2020) 

See Photos taken during the construction of this home.

LEO Adult Family Home #3 : Issaquah Highlands

“The Angela Dews House” 

Care Provider : Evelyn

(Opened 2012)


LEO Adult Family Home #2 : Issaquah 

“The Ann Dennis House”

Care Provider : Mary

 (Opened 2006)


LEO Adult Family Home #1 : Issaquah 

The Rose Finnegan House” 

Care Provider : Chona

(Opened 2003)