Post Updated : September 24, 2020.

The Life Enrichment Options (LEO) Organization currently has four Adult Family Homes (AFH) for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.  See pictures below.  Each home is run by a Care Provider who lives in the home and is licensed by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to care for residents with Developmental Disabilities.  See Adult Family Homes for information about LEO residency in an AFH and about Care Providers.

LEO houses are built with private funds via donations. Please Donate if you would like to help us fund the construction and furnishings for Adult Family Home #5 .  At this time LEO still needs help reaching the large financial goal needed to complete this new home. Thank you.

LEO Adult Family Home #5: Issaquah Highlands

The Mike Ernst House

Care Provider : Pam

(Estimated Opening, 2021)

Construction of Adult Family Homes #5  is still in the beginning stages due to a delay by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This new AFH is in the Issaquah Highlands a few blocks from the Swedish Medical Center and Hospital. It will be very much like AFH #4. Amazingly, this custom LEO home for individuals with developmental disabilities became possible in 2018, when the Issaquah City Council approved additional affordable housing in the area called Westridge. 

See Photos taken during the construction of this home. 

LEO Adult Family Home #4 : Snoqualmie Valley

“The Nancy Whitaker House”

Care Provider : Claire

(Opened 2020) 

See Photos taken during the construction of this home.

LEO Adult Family Home #3 : Issaquah Highlands

“The Angela Dews House” 

Care Provider : Evelyn

(Opened 2012)


LEO Adult Family Home #2 : Issaquah 

“The Ann Dennis House”

Care Provider : Mary

 (Opened 2006)


LEO Adult Family Home #1 : Issaquah 

The Rose Finnegan House” 

Care Provider : Chona

(Opened 2003)