Setup Your Purchases to Support LEO

Your purchases using the methods explained below can help Life Enrichment Options fulfill our mission to support individuals with developmental disabilities. Your purchases do not cost more; the retailer donates a percentage of the purchase price to the nonprofit that you have selected.

  1. Shop at Fred Meyer and LEO will benefit from their Community Rewards Program. Simply link your Fred Meyer Rewards card by going to
  2. Use GoodSearch and identify Life Enrichment Options as your search engine then use GoodShop when you buy something via the internet. LEO will benefit both ways.

Other Ways to Support LEO

  1. Make a Direct Donation.
  2. Designate Life Enrichment Options when contributing to the United Way.
  3. Designate Life Enrichment Options when contributing to the Washington State Combined Fund.
  4. In-kind donations by contacting LEO at 425-996-1229
  5. Participate in the GiveBig Campaign through Seattle Foundation in May
  6. Leave a legacy by contacting LEO to receive more information.
  7. Donate your used vehicle, regardless of condition, by calling 1-855-527-2232.