This year, the award was given to a very surprised Ricky Brennan, a resident of the Rose House. Ricky was invited to a “dinner” by his father, Tim, and had no idea that he was joining over 100 community leaders for the evening of awards.

Fred Nystrom, the Executive Director of LEO, in his introduction of Ricky said in part:

“Ricky is an active Aktion Club member with the Kiwanis and has worked for the past 16 years at the Issaquah Costco Warehouse. And by the way, for you employers looking for faithful employees, Ricky has never missed a day of work in all that time. One of the things Ricky enjoys doing is helping the Kiwanis Club set up their food stand for the Concerts on the Green. He is described by the Kiwanians as getting things done quickly and correctly. He has also volunteered on many other fundraisers. 

Ricky is proof that we each have the capacity to give back to our community and by doing so, we help to improve the quality of life for everyone.” 

Well done, Ricky! We are so proud to have you in the LEO family.