Looking for a Home

Life Enrichment Options (LEO) specializes in providing long-term residency for adults with developmental disabilities. We design the homes to fit the needs of the residents and provide them with a warm, home-like environment. Each resident has their own bedroom, decorated the way they want with their own furniture. The care-providers live in the home full-time and provide continuity of care for the residents.

While licensed by the State of Washington as an Adult Family Home (AFH) with the ability to have six residents, LEO has elected to only take five. This enhances the ability to provide personalized care and attention to each resident’s concerns, interests and possible work schedule.

Things You Should Know
To date there are fewer than 20 Adult Family Homes in King County that specialize in the providing for people with developmental disabilities. This also means that it is difficult to find an AFH with a vacancy.

The Selection Process
The first step in the process, is to download and complete the Application for Residency and mail the completed form to the LEO office.

When a vacancy does arise, LEO provides the applications received to the care-provider. It is the provider who manages the selection process, not LEO.

The provider will often begin the process with a phone meeting, followed by personal meetings with the family and separately with the potential resident. The final step is to invite the existing residents to meet and have an activity with the potential new resident. This is where the issue of “group harmony” comes in. The residents have a say on who they believe will fit best into the home.

To help you prepare for your child’s transition to independent living, you can download LEO’s “Guidelines for Educating Your Child Toward Independent Living.”

Download LEO housing application.