At LEO, we are always open to meeting with people who have completed their state training to be care-providers and have all, or most of their 1,000 hours of experience.

Since 2001, LEO has been operating Adult Family Homes, which are specially designed to serve residents with developmental disabilities. Currently, we have three homes in the greater Issaquah area and have a fourth home in pre-construction mode in the beautiful town of Snoqualmie.

LEO’s Hybrid Business Model

A care provider selected to work with LEO will form an independent business entity registered with the State of Washington. The provider will then be registered to receive Medicaid reimbursement for the daily rate assessed for each resident. LEO will lease the home to the provider and the home and the provider will become licensed by DSHS. Once licensed, the provider will make the final selection of the residents to move into the home.

LEO does not get involved in the delivery of care or services, but does collect applications from interested families and provides these applications to the provider if and when a vacancy occurs.

Each provider has an annual lease of the home from LEO and LEO pays a portion of the lease payments to cover most of the monthly utility bills. LEO is responsible for long-term maintenance of the home, while the provider’s responsibilities are limited to replacing furnace filters, light bulbs and cleaning the inside of the windows. The provider also maintains the yard.

To apply for consideration as a full time care provider, please send cover letter and resume to